North Carolina Navigates Complex Multisystem Reform to Improve Service Delivery to Families

Case Study

North Carolina has embarked on a journey to improve services to its clients and stakeholders across an array of social safety net programs. Due, in part, to new legislation that came about in reaction to a death of a child in the Child Welfare system, State and county leaders came together to assess ways to improve program delivery, cross-agency collaboration, data sharing, and funding options across multiple programs. Realizing that a reform initiative is not an easy undertaking, the legislation required an independent third party to facilitate and inform the effort. The Center for the Support of Families (CSF) Division of SLI Global Solutions (SLI) was selected to help the leaders and stakeholders of North Carolina achieve their goal of a reform movement to build better management, policy, and operational structure across multiple program areas that serve families and children. CSF was able to develop strong relationships, use fact-based assessment methodologies, and build the case for positive change while serving as independent assessors, valued thought partners, and skillful implementors.

Much credit is due for leaders and stakeholders in North Carolina. State and county leaders took full advantage of the opportunity for change and improvement. The roadmap for reform emerged from an independent assessment that evolved into a strong partnership for change. The work resulted in a visionary, yet practical set of recommendations that has helped shape organizational values, structures, policies, and practices.

North Carolina leaders and stakeholders are learning and building evidence for a broader approach to health and human services system improvement, one that relies on the coordination and collaboration between child welfare programs and the other social services, health care and mental health programs, child support, aging and adult services, and economic support services that serve families.

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North Carolina Case Study

Cross-Program Consulting was commissioned by the North Carolina Leaders at the State and County level to help broaden their approach in health and human services. SLI’s unique approach relies on coordination and collaboration between various programs and services for improvement.

Case Study Brief

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