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Framework for an Impactful CQI Process

The environment of child welfare organizations is constantly changing due to new mandates, challenges and emerging concerns — yet their objective remains constant: To ensure the safety, permanency, and well-being of children, and to promote the resiliency of families. To accomplish these goals, agencies should have a proven and well-functioning Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) system to drive improved outcomes, support sustainable changes, and engage the entire child welfare system.

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  • One of our most challenging aspects in providing child support services has been in setting customer expectations about what we can and cannot do and interacting in a concise, calm, and meaningful way. Complaints seemed to escalate. After trying many different approaches to this problem, we have found the results from CSF's interactive and topic specific training to be the most effective in terms of employee and customer satisfaction. The customer service training that CSF provided included thorough instruction on who our customers are, their concerns, how best to work with them, and what communication skills should be utilized in the process. Participants found the training to be very valuable – especially since it was child support specific.

    Joe DiPrimio, Executive Director, Maryland Child Support Enforcement Administration

  • We normally provide our training in-house, but decided to try something different and bring in an outside expert. It was a great choice” “…[the] approach appealed to everyone from front-line workers to attorneys to administrators. The reviews were very good.

    Jim Fleming, Director, North Dakota Child Support

  • The members of the work group that…[CSF] used in Louisiana were very familiar with the child support process and policy. They made valid recommendations and were able to ‘sit down at the table’ with us and discuss all of the details involved in running a state child support program. I cannot honestly say that CSF can walk on child support waters, but they are pretty good swimmers!

    Robbie Endris, former Executive Director, Louisiana Support Enforcement Services

  • I am extremely pleased to provide an enthusiastic and unqualified reference for the Center for the Support of Families. We engaged the Center to provide a comprehensive analysis, findings, and specific actionable recommendations to improve the measurable performance of our program. The Center exceeded our expectations in terms of process and results. They were…effective working with all levels of staff and their recommendations were laid out in a way that helped us easily move into a practical, time specific implementation mode.

    Joe Raymond, Director, Forsyth County, North Carolina, Department of Social Services

  • I first saw Cynthia Bryant present a short workshop on Collaborative Negotiations in 2010 at a Conference and immediately wanted her to come train my staff. Her training is designed specifically for child support staff and she incorporates real situations a case manager faces every day. Both seasoned and new caseworkers have attended her training and all of them have expressed how valuable her techniques for working with child support customers have been. Our stipulation rate has increased dramatically after staff attended her training!

    Terri Love, Director, Shasta County, California, Department of Child Support Services

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