Pennsylvania is procuring a new MMIS to replace its aging Provider Reimbursement and Operations Management Information System (PROMISe™) that was implemented in 2004.

Since its implementation, the Commonwealth’s needs have evolved. A key driver for MMIS Modernization is the transition from Fee-For-Service (FFS) based programs to Statewide Managed Care based programs.

The new initiative, known as the MMIS 2020 Platform, will transition the MMIS to modules to be in compliance with the CMS requirement. The Center for Systems Integrity, a division of SLI Government Solutions will help with IV&V, ensuring a modular enterprise-wide system providing automated support for Pennsylvania’s Medicaid program in both the FFS and managed care organization (MCO) delivery systems, as well as various waiver programs. A primary focus of IV&V Project Management is to coordinate task planning, scheduling, and staffing to align project schedules. Additionally, CSI will update the IV&V Work Plan as changes and modifications to plans occur during the Project, and maintain communication with CMS and apply directives in accordance.