The division of Center of Systems Integrity (CSI) will be providing, QMS assuring that appropriate levels of Quality Management Services are performed for the Microsoft®365 Implementation Project.

These Services will provide the Authorized Purchaser with appropriate visibility into the processes being used and the built products.

CSI is helping to sufficiently satisfy the Project needs for which it was undertaken and will make sure Project risks are well understood and appropriately mitigated or managed. The primary strategies to achieve this are:

  1. Modernize and standardize critical statewide systems, including human resources management, payroll, procurement, and email/office productivity.
  2. Optimize service delivery to the public and internally by modernizing agency-specific and cross-agency systems and creating a statewide cloud strategy.
  3. Improve overall software system development transparency by posting project health status summaries online.
  4. Create and manage a statewide data strategy to improve data analysis, data quality, information sharing, and overall decision-making
  5. Increase IT security by adding enhancements to the state’s Enterprise Security Office, including improvements in intrusion and detection.
  6. The modernization initiative’s focus on email/office productivity and a need for sharing and collaboration between agencies support the need to complete a statewide M365® initiative. Many of the strategies outlined relate to or require collaboration, sharing, and open email/communication architecture.