Medicaid Management Information Systems - MMIS 2020 IV&V Services

SLI is providing Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) services for the implementation of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of Human Services (DHS) modern modular Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS). SLI provides an independent perspective that promotes early detection of project risks and issues as well as schedule variances, affording management the opportunity to implement corrective action to bring the program back in line with agreed upon expectations.

Pennsylvania is procuring a new MMIS to replace its aging Provider Reimbursement and Operations Management Information System (PROMISe™) that was implemented in 2004. Since its implementation, the Commonwealth’s needs have evolved. A key driver for MMIS modernization is the transition from Fee-for-Service (FFS) based programs to statewide managed care based programs. The new initiative, known as the MMIS 2020 program, is architected with a data hub that is used by modules implemented and integrated incrementally. SLI finds this architecture to be a sound platform for managing and implementing MMIS 2020. Placing the data hub with an Enterprise Service Bus at the core facilitates interoperability that is necessary for a seamless end-to-end MMIS 2020, reduces cost of maintenance and operations, and enables future module replacements with minimal disruption to the enterprise.

The SLI IV&V team is providing full-time process and product assessment services and monitoring certification milestone reviews as each module moves through its development and deployment lifecycle.