Medicaid Eligibility Determination System IV&V Services

Mississippi’s Division of Medicaid (DOM) selected SLI to deliver IV&V services in support of their Modernized Medicaid Eligibility Determination System (MMEDS) Project. DOM chose an oversight approach that calls for full-time support, where SLI subject matter experts and technical specialists review MMEDS processes and system products throughout the System Development Lifecycle.

SLI’s IV&V team independently reviews, monitors, and evaluates multiple aspects of the MMEDS project to determine that both the State and their development vendor employ best practices, identify risks proactively and address them promptly, meet contractual obligations on schedule, and meet quality standards for deliverables.

The Eligibility Modernization Project is intended to replace DOM’s current legacy systems, Medicaid Eligibility Determination System (MEDS) and Medicaid Eligibility Determination System Expansion (MEDSX) systems, with an integrated state-of-the-art, HIPAA compliant, rules-driven, web-based system that is versatile in its architecture, structure, and code to support the evolving business needs of Mississippi’s Medicaid program.  We are assisting Mississippi in ensuring that this new system meets the requirements of the State and ultimately the residents of Mississippi who need these critical health and social safety net services.