Child Support Enforcement Automated System IV&V Services

SLI is providing semi-annual IV&V reviews of Oregon's Child Support Enforcement Automated System project. The SLI IV&V team is conducting reviews of both the technical aspects of the development effort as well as helping to ensure that all business requirements are present in the delivered system.

SLI’s contract, which runs through August 2019, is providing the state and the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) with a longitudinal assessment of the quality and risks associated with this highly complex system development and implementation effort.  The assessments include verification and validation that project management, software development, training, and testing is done in such a manner that the delivered system meets the functional and technical requirements of the State and federal government.  SLI’s IV&V team reports their findings and recommendations simultaneously to the State and OCSE providing truly independent assessments as well as transparency to the status of the project to all parties.

As the project progresses to the development and deployment phases of the project, SLI focuses on the security and privacy aspects of the system.  The SLI team assesses and recommends improvements to assure application code, data, and facilities are adequately protected through the review of: