Cross-Program Consulting


[SLI] brought the best of both worlds—consultants who had national expertise [and] people who understood the complexities of our state and local system and our operational nuances.

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We help all health and human services agencies work together to operate at its optimum for the benefit of families.

We champion this approach with our newest service offering –

Cross-Program Consulting

Possibilities are limitless through unity.

Our portfolio of supporting health and human services agencies across the nation is extensive. We have served 37 States and have a firm pulse on agency needs, best practices, and high-performing environments. Our experts have seen it all and are proud to align our service offerings to adhere to your interests of serving families more effectively and efficiently.

We are better together.

Through our Cross-Program Consulting, we will empower government agencies to address needs across programs with the evidence needed to inform decisions. We are experienced in assessing health and human services agencies through helping leaders and stakeholders develop effective approaches for implementing systemic improvements. We know how to best finance health and human service agencies and have the ability to assist in the applications of identified best practices. This is achieved with the development of statewide practice standards and models. Through Cross-Program Consulting, we help organizations generate the evidence needed from administrative data systems to inform Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) and ultimately where to direct resources to ensure better outcomes for children and families.

Finding a way forward in unity.

SLI Government Solutions thrives in these complex environments and can translate the evidence derived into useful information for direct action. Our objective is to help you improve service delivery effectiveness and operations efficiencies within and across these programs. Our holistic approach will unify your agency’s efforts to ensure you are responsible stewards of your vast offerings while maximizing your use of federal and state funds. Through this unity, family outcomes will directly benefit from the improvements achieved.

Our focus is to help government agencies improve their service offerings to better support communities, families, and case workers.

Services We Offer

Cross-Program Consulting services all health and human services programs; Medicaid, child support, child welfare, child care, economic services, adult and aging services, and behavioral health agencies. We provide the following, best-in-class services:


  • For large-scale human services delivery systems.


  • For improving human services delivery systems.


  • For developing practice standards.
  • For using data to finance and invest in better outcomes for children, families, and individuals.
  • For developing the human services workforce through training and coaching.



SLI Government Solutions and Public Knowledge have partnered to design three service areas to help our valued clients navigate the suddenly more complex and rapidly changing environment. You can use the one-time CARES Act funding, which must be spent by the end of 2020, to utilize our Cross-Program Consulting Services in the following areas:

  • Finance Optimization
  • People Development
  • Process Improvement


Our Methodology

In addition to our subject matter expertise, our team brings communication, engagement, facilitation, and project management skills to efforts. Also indispensable to our Cross-Program Consulting work is our five-step system improvement framework: Engage, Analyze, Envision, Synthesize, Empower.

Evidence Based Cross Program Services Methodology

How Can We Help You?

Visit with SLI Government Solutions’ Center for the Support of Families (CSF) Division leadership to learn more about Cross-Program Consulting Services.

Will Hornsby

Will Hornsby

Vice President for Center for the Support of Families (CSF) Division

Mobile: 240-638-6729 | Email: 



Elizabeth Black

Elizabeth S. Black

Director for Center for the Support of Families (CSF) Division

Mobile: 615-415-7847 | Email: 

Reach out to learn more about how we can help your agency across programs.