Center for the Support of Families (CSF)


I cannot honestly say that CSF can walk on child support waters, but they are pretty good swimmers!

Robbie Endris
Former Executive Director,
Louisiana Support Enforcement Services

The Center for the Support of Families (CSF) is a recognized leader in improving program practices and policies for child and family services agencies. Our nationally acclaimed subject matter experts have played key roles in some of the largest and most important family services initiatives in the United States.

Our creative, dedicated professionals in our child support and child welfare practices have deep experience in helping to shape the way programs and services are delivered to and for children and families. Using our specially designed five-step methodology, we integrate new and proven strategies and technologies to support federal, state, and local agencies.

Since our founding in 1991, we have formed partnerships with more than 44 state and local agencies delivering services for child support, child welfare, welfare-to-work transition, childcare, and other programs that impact children and families. Our range of services includes strategic planning, policy analysis, business process analysis and reform, implementation assistance, and training and coaching for policy, program delivery, and customer service staff. Read our white papers and testimonials to learn more about how we help child and family services agencies shape and improve their programs and services.

CSF Experience in 40 Individual States

CSF Division State Contract Vehicles and Master Service Agreements

SLI’s Portfolio of active State Contract Vehicles and MSAs enables state agencies to rapidly procure high-quality program design, process improvement, training, and policy development services. These contract vehicles and MSAs demonstrate that SLI has repeatedly been judged as a Tier One provider of child support and child welfare consulting services by state evaluation teams across the nation.





Department of Human Services

Business Process Review and Reengineering
National Health
Federal Child Welfare Law
Policy Development
Program Implementation
Data Analytics


Child Support Bureau

Knowledge Services Consulting Services


Department of General Services

Business Consultants for:
◦ Activity Based Management
◦ Business Planning
◦ Change Management
◦ Organizational Assessment
◦ Program Design
◦ Program Development
◦ Program Implementation
◦ Strategic Planning
Business Services:
◦ Facilitation
◦ Performance Review
◦ Training Development


Department for Children and Families

Program Evaluation

Maryland CATS+

Department of Information Technology

Consulting and Technical Services
◦ FA 11: Business Process Consulting
◦ FA 16: Media and Training Center Support


Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Management Consultants
Program Coordinators
Planners Services


Department of Children and Families

Qualified Child Welfare Consultants

South Carolina

Department of Social Services

Technical Assistance & Support Services

South Dakota

Department of Social Services

Program Management


Department of Finance and Management

Business Process Management


Department of Enterprise Services (DES)

Professional Consulting
Business Analysis Consulting
Management Analysis Consulting
Organizational Development Consulting

CSF Division’s Clients and Projects

Administration for Children and Families (through a sub-contract with ICF, International)

Technical assistance and product development for the Capacity Building Center for States

Administration for Children and Families (through a sub-contract with JBS, International)

Developing the Building Evidence Training (BET) second course


Training for Child Support Professionals

Colusa, Sutter and Yolo County (CA) Child Support

Child Support Program Assessment

Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement

Program Support for the Division of Policy and Training

Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement

Expanded Federal Parent Locator Service

Georgia Division of Child and Family Services (through a contract with Georgia State University)

Court monitoring of Settlement Agreement

Indiana Bureau of Child Support

Digital Marketing Outreach Project and Intergovernmental Case Processing Innovation Demonstration

Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services

Child welfare practice model and continuous quality improvement

Missouri Department of Social Services

Support related to the Family First Prevention Services Act

New Jersey

Intergovernmental and International Training with Rutgers University

North Carolina Division of Social Services

Technical assistance to strengthen the state’s social services and child welfare programs

North Carolina Aging and Adult Services Program Improvement

Identifying and implementing strategies for Adult and Protective Services and Adult Guardianship programs.

North Dakota and Three Affiliated Tribes

Intergovernmental child support improvement

South Carolina Department of Social Services

A strategic approach to Improving child welfare program outcomes

Tennessee Department of Children’s Services

Strengthening the response to reports of severe abuse

Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina

Operational assessment of intergovernmental child support caseloads

We’re Here to Help Child Support and Child Welfare Agencies . . .

Our Child Support Practice

Our Child Support Practice is home to seasoned veterans and nationally known experts in public policy, federal and state child support law, children’s rights, business process redesign, strategic planning, training, and CSE privatization.

Our Child Welfare Practice

Our Child Welfare Practice includes leading authorities in child safety and risk, placement needs of older youth and adolescents, family and child strengths and needs assessment, child welfare intervention, social service delivery, and outcomes measurement for children and families.

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Discover why the NCSEA honored us in 2017 with the President’s Award for Corporate Associate of the Year, recognizing our work in developing “policies and programs that truly shape the future of child support".

Services We Offer

We provide the following, best-in-class services to federal, state and local agencies:

Program Evaluation and Improvement

  • Child Welfare program redesign and reform
  • Child Support program improvement
  • Continuous quality improvement (CQI)
  • Child Welfare practice models


  • Child Welfare policy and practice training
  • Child Support policy and practice training
  • Collaborative negotiations training
  • Customer service training

Legislative Policy and Gap Analysis

Strategic Planning

Child Support Operations

  • Paternity establishment
  • Quality assurance
  • Outreach

Consumer Education and Outreach

Our Methodology

We partner with agency stakeholders to achieve success through our proven five-step methodology, designed for human services and informed and tested by a range of program improvement projects. Using this methodology, our subject matter experts conduct in-depth analyses of service delivery systems and recommend actionable strategies for improving program efficiency, effectiveness, and quality.

How Can We Help You?

Read our white papers and testimonials to learn more about how we help child and family services agencies shape and improve their programs and services.

Discover why the NCSEA honored us in 2017 with the President’s Award for Corporate Associate of the Year, recognizing our work in developing “policies and programs that truly shape the future of child support.”

  • One of our most challenging aspects in providing child support services has been in setting customer expectations about what we can and cannot do and interacting in a concise, calm, and meaningful way. Complaints seemed to escalate. After trying many different approaches to this problem, we have found the results from CSF's interactive and topic specific training to be the most effective in terms of employee and customer satisfaction. The customer service training that CSF provided included thorough instruction on who our customers are, their concerns, how best to work with them, and what communication skills should be utilized in the process. Participants found the training to be very valuable – especially since it was child support specific.

    Joe DiPrimio, Executive Director, Maryland Child Support Enforcement Administration

  • We normally provide our training in-house, but decided to try something different and bring in an outside expert. It was a great choice” “…[the] approach appealed to everyone from front-line workers to attorneys to administrators. The reviews were very good.

    Jim Fleming, Director, North Dakota Child Support

  • The members of the work group that…[CSF] used in Louisiana were very familiar with the child support process and policy. They made valid recommendations and were able to ‘sit down at the table’ with us and discuss all of the details involved in running a state child support program. I cannot honestly say that CSF can walk on child support waters, but they are pretty good swimmers!

    Robbie Endris, former Executive Director, Louisiana Support Enforcement Services

  • I am extremely pleased to provide an enthusiastic and unqualified reference for the Center for the Support of Families. We engaged the Center to provide a comprehensive analysis, findings, and specific actionable recommendations to improve the measurable performance of our program. The Center exceeded our expectations in terms of process and results. They were…effective working with all levels of staff and their recommendations were laid out in a way that helped us easily move into a practical, time specific implementation mode.

    Joe Raymond, Director, Forsyth County, North Carolina, Department of Social Services

  • I first saw Cynthia Bryant present a short workshop on Collaborative Negotiations in 2010 at a Conference and immediately wanted her to come train my staff. Her training is designed specifically for child support staff and she incorporates real situations a case manager faces every day. Both seasoned and new caseworkers have attended her training and all of them have expressed how valuable her techniques for working with child support customers have been. Our stipulation rate has increased dramatically after staff attended her training!

    Terri Love, Director, Shasta County, California, Department of Child Support Services

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