SLI’s Medicaid Community of Practice Improves IV&V Results

SILVER SPRING, MD (September 26, 2018) – SLI Government Solutions (SLI) has implemented a Medicaid Community of Practice (CoP) that is helping our clients realize the benefits of other state’s successes and best practices. Our Medicaid CoP convenes monthly to collaborate on various topics such as industry news, CMS guidance provided on our MMIS or E&E Projects, solutions employed, and lessons learned.  The Medicaid CoP meetings serve as an open forum to discuss the challenges faced by our staff to successfully support our clients, as well as issues one state is facing that another state has solved.  We have developed a Medicaid body of knowledge repository that is updated each month with new topics, CMS guidance, and effective risk and issue mitigation approaches. Our biweekly SLI Certification Round Table sub-group meets to discuss specific MECT and MEET requirements and topics to ensure we implement a consistent approach across states where SLI is providing toolkit and certification checklist support.  A primary activity of the sub-group is to formulate questions for CMS about the IV&V Progress Report and Checklist Criteria.  SLI houses these questions and CMS’ responses on the internal CoP website, which is accessible to our staff and clients.  Below we provide excerpts from this repository. SLI CoP Best Practices

SLI CoP Lessons Learned

CoP Client Benefits With SLI’s strong Health and Human Services industry presence and our quality partnership with the states we assist, we are able to leverage our team’s and our client’s experiences to benefit not only our state clients but also CMS as it can be assured that their guidance is consistently and fairly applied throughout the country.  It also affords us the opportunity to provide feedback to CMS when their guidance varies from region to region or from region to central office.  This allows CMS to address internal issues and come up with updated and consistent guidance for the next state, which benefits the entire MMIS community. To find out more about SLI’s CoP and our project oversight/support capabilities, please contact us using the information below.

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