SLI Government Solutions Selected to Provide QA Services for Oregon's Land Administration System Project

SLI is conducting independent evaluations and assessments of project processes and deliverables for reasonableness, validity, thoroughness and accuracy

SLI Government Solutions has been awarded an Independent Quality Assurance (QA) contract to provide project progress review and risk assessment services for the Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL). SLI is providing resources to conduct QA reviews and assessments across the entire project lifecycle. These QA services, planned for two years, cover four key tasks including Risk Assessment, Quality Planning, Quality Control, and Quality Assurance Status and Improvements Reporting.

At statehood, the federal government granted a portion Oregon’s state land to finance public education. DSL continues to manage land and other resources dedicated to the Common School Fund for K-12 education. DSL has embarked on a project to replace their outdated Land Administration System (LAS), with the overarching goal to improve the quality and convenience of its customer service to the public and to dramatically reduce response times.  The current LAS system went into service in late 1999. LAS was built using a development tool and platform that has been at the end of the technology life cycle for more than a decade.  Upgrades to the system are no longer viable.

A new LAS System will allow staff to work in or out of the office. The system will allow the public to start new applications online from the convenience of the home or other remote location.  The system will be compatible with mobile devices and will utilize all electronic permit files and documents. DSL’s communications with applicants will emphasize email over postal mail. The system’s functionality will include: an online portal for permit applications where the public can make payments, monitor the status of applications, ask questions of agency staff, and upload new documents as needed. In addition, the new system will increase transparency and reduce the number of public records requests by placing frequently requested wetland inventory data online.  Placing this data online will align with the Governor’s priority to be “Responsible Environmental Stewards” by making wetland information available to the public.

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DSL ensures a legacy for Oregonians and their public schools through sound stewardship of lands, wetlands, waterways, unclaimed property, estates and the Common School Fund.

To help ensure the system is both technically sound and functionally robust, SLI conducts independent evaluations and assessments of project processes and deliverables for reasonableness, validity, thoroughness and accuracy. Included in these assessments are the project’s Integrated Project Plan, Project Schedule, Software Development Plan, Facility Plan, Configuration Management Plan, Data Conversion Strategy, Testing Strategy, Training Strategy and Post-Implementation Support Strategy (for on-going operations and maintenance).

SLI’s Quality Assurance Manager conducts Quality Control reviews of deliverables, components, subsystems, or processes by following the approved Quality Management Plan. SLI applies the approved acceptance criteria for deliverable reviews and makes a formal written recommendation of deliverable acceptance or rejection to the LAS Project Team along with actionable corrective action guidance.  Process reviews include verifying indications that each process is understood, implemented consistently and effective. These results are compiled into a written report that addresses the specific deliverables/processes or lifecycle milestone, which is delivered to LAS Project Leadership and includes a management presentation.

“SLI proposed a proven approach and a talented team to conduct QA services using our standards-based SQM3 methodology. Our experience assisting Oregon on previous projects for the Department of Administrative Services (DAS), the State Accident Insurance Fund (SAIF), the Liquor Control Agency, and the Department of Justice ensures that our delivery team makes insightful recommendations and accurate assessments that meet the needs of DSL and DAS, as the projects progress.” said Steven Esposito, President of SLI Government Solutions. “SLI is delighted to be assisting Oregon’s DSL in meeting the needs of its staff, its schools and the public they serve,” Steve continued, “This award confirms the validity of our systems development oversight services outside of our traditional health and human services markets and our commitment to be a “quality partner” in Oregon for all of their QA needs.”

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About SLI Government Solutions: SLI is a nationally recognized partner with State and Local Government agencies. SLI’s Center for Systems Integrity provides Project Management Oversight, IV&V and Assessment Services, Quality Management, and software testing services. SLI offers customers an ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management methodology and framework, SQM3, which is derived from industry standards articulated by IEEE, PMBOK, ISO, SWEBOK, and COBIT. To learn more about CSI’s suite of services, please click here.

Contact: Steven Esposito
President & CEO