SLI Joins Nation’s Child Support Leaders in Annual Conference

SILVER SPRING, MD (May 30, 2018) – The National Council of Child Support Directors (NCCSD) held their annual conference in Norfolk, Virginia in May, with 35 State Directors in attendance.  Convened by its President and Virginia’s Division of Child Support Enforcement Director, Craig Burshem, the three-day meeting focused on states’ on-going and successful efforts to provide financial, medical and emotional support of children.  This important annual conference provides State Directors and child support industry leaders a chance to work together, learn from each other, discuss collaborative opportunities, and meet with Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) officials and its Commissioner, Scott Lekan.

The agenda was as wide as the child support program’s reach with sessions led by Directors and other industry leaders.  Participants had lively discussions on such topics case management, procurement processes, employer relations, public relations, parenting time, customer service, and research grants, all focused on better result for families.  The federal OCSE announced upcoming grant opportunities and participated in robust debates on the best systems modernization processes and funding to aid states struggling with legacy systems.

SLI is proud to have been a sponsor of the conference and have in attendance Kathy Sokolik, Vice President of the CSF Division; Mark Joyce, Director of Business Development of the Center for Systems Integrity (CSI) Division, and Diane Potts, Senior Associate of the CSF Division and President of the National Child Support Enforcement Association (NCSEA).  SLI staff shared information about the technical assistance, training, and program improvement/delivery services they are providing to OCSE, and the states of California, New Jersey and Virginia.  As the IV&V vendor on the Oregon and Nevada systems modernization projects, SLI offered its perspectives on challenges and opportunities related to legacy system replacement efforts.

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About CSF
Since 1991, CSF has formed partnerships with more than 44 state and local human service agencies to deliver effective and efficient services in areas of child support, child welfare, welfare-to-work transition, childcare, and other programs relating to children and families. CSF’s work for children, youth and families places particular emphasis on child support, paternity and custody, child maltreatment, foster care and child welfare, children in poverty, adolescent pregnancy and parenting, and juvenile justice. Within these fields, CSF delivers a variety of services, including strategic planning, policy analysis, business process analysis and reform, implementation assistance, and training and coaching for policy and program delivery staff at the federal, state, and local level. For more information, visit SLI’s Center for the Support of Families.

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SLI Government Solutions (SLI) is headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland, with project locations in over a dozen capital cities across the US. SLI is helps federal, state  and local government agencies build quality and innovation into their system implementations and program improvement initiatives. SLI is committed to the use of a standards-based quality management methodology that has been proven effective in a wide range of system implementations and process improvement projects. SLI’s SQM3 methodology is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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