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I started a career in child welfare with the hopes of helping a few people. My journey led me to the CSF division of SLI where I am fortunate to support and influence many.

Glenda M. – SLI
Senior Associate

If you are looking for an exciting and rewarding career opportunity with SLI Government Solutions, please click the “Apply Today” button below to begin the application process. The Center for Systems Integrity employs a team of dedicated professionals with specialties in IT consulting, including computer systems planning and design, project oversight, quality management, project management, validation and verification, security assessment, business process modeling, and software testing.  This division focuses on providing services to Medicaid, Labor, and Transportation agencies, as well as our core areas of Child Welfare and Child Support. In the Center for the Support of Families, we employ a team of highly experienced child welfare and child support professionals with specialties in program policy, process and continuous improvement, implementation science, training, and technical assistance.  This division focuses on providing services to Child Welfare and Child Support agencies.

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