Workers' Compensation Information System (WCIS) QA Services

SLI’s Quality Assurance Services work is helping to ensure that SAIF’s initiative to replace the Policy and Billing functions of WCIS with a modern COTS application meets their stated desire to have a “clear understanding of the risks and expected outcomes before we make any commitments.”

SLI’s primary role is to assist SAIF with making certain that all business requirements are being addressed and that risks are identified and mitigated early on in the process.

Our first set of services encompassed the following three tasks:

  1. Initial Risk Assessment that had two areas of focus: WCIS Replacement Project Management and Governance; and WCIS Replacement Design, Development and Implementation (DDI). SLI produced an Initial Risk Assessment Report deliverable that listed specific risk, ranked by likelihood and impact, with recommended mitigation actions for each
  2. Quality Planning that identified which quality standards and metrics were relevant to the project and determined how to satisfy and measure them. The SLI team provided processes and procedures so that quality was planned into the Project versus a reactive quality approach that measures quality through audits completed after the work was done. SLI produced a Quality Management Plan that included standards-based but customized quality checklists for creating and assessing project plans and deliverables.
  3. Quality Control Reviews where SLI conducted QC reviews of components, subsystems, or processes by following our approved checklist, interview guide, and standard as defined in the Quality Management Plan. These reviews determined the status of the processes and products taking place in the current period. Process review includes verifying indications that each process has been completed, measured, ranked, and reported. These results were compiled into a written report that addressed the specific deliverable or life cycle process.

Upon completion of these services, SLI’s contract was amended to add periodic assessments of (SAIF’s and the vendor selected to implement the COTS solution) processes and work products as the project moved through is expected 18-month duration. At the end of each review cycle, SLI provides a QA Status and Improvement Report and Presentation, and an On-Going Risk Notification Report.