Eligibility Integrated Application Solution (ELIAS) Quality Assurance Services

SLI recently completed a 5 1/2 year project to provide QA assessments that focused on the processes and products of the system development and implementation of ELIAS. SLI deployed and enhanced its Agile systems development oversight protol for this project.

The ELIAS Project was the State’s initiative to develop a new system to have a single integrated eligibility system for Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and the Family Investment Program (FIP).  DHS enlisted the assistance of SLI to mitigate project risks and manage the Quality Assurance aspects of the project.

SLI’s QA Team played an integral part in the Agile software development methodology by assessing the quality of project processes and products produced by the Sprint Development Teams. The overall objective of SLI’s reviews was to provide continuous improvement recommendations and to focus our assessments on development processes and products to ensure they are accurately documented and conformed to contractually defined standards.

SLI provided QA reviews on the following key areas: Planning Oversight, Project Management, Quality Management, Requirements Management, Production, Development Environment, Testing Environment, Software Development, System and Acceptance Testing, Data Management, and Production Oversight.  SLI QA deliverables included:

SLI’s QA Team assisted in the certification process for CMS Review of the project’s compliance with the conditions and requirements of the CMS Guidance for Exchange and Medicaid Information Technology (IT) Systems. SLI worked with DHS and the System Integrator to develop a Gate Review Plan that defined the required tasks and milestones to assure successful development of the materials required for CMS Reviews. We actively participated as a partner with DHS and the System Integrator in the CMS Review onsite visits, including participation in the preparation of reports and presentations that were required during the visit.