The complexity and risks of IT projects grow exponentially as government agencies increasingly rely on technology to deliver their services. These organizations know the value of engaging independent third parties offering highly specialized IT project assessment and risk management to verify and validate quality.


I can recommend SLI as an IV&V vendor without reservation.

Michael McVicker
Assistant Commissioner - IT Services,
Washington State Employment Security Department

At the Center for Systems Integrity, we understand that one type of oversight doesn’t fit all projects, but also that projects need to meet the most current and relevant quality standards. Our senior practitioners skillfully configure our proprietary SLI Quality Management, Methods, and Models (SQM3) methodology for the unique needs of each project. Our SQM3 methodology is ISO 9001:2015 certified, aligning with the most current industry standards so that, no matter the project, we apply the most current thinking and approaches for our customers. We know that modern development methodologies, such as Agile and Modular strategies, need modern assessment and oversight. SLI’s SQM3 methodology delivers value by adapting to our customers’ development approaches rather than forcing their projects to adapt to our assessment methods. Our best-in-class team of seasoned professionals focuses on delivering value that gets the job done, and delights our customers.

Center for Systems Integrity Experience in 43 States

21Labor and Unemployment

15Medicaid (Eligibility/MMIS/MITA)

17Statewide Masters Service Agreements

7Integrated Eligibility

5Child Welfare and SACWIS

5Financial Management and ERP

5Transportation / Driver License and Vehicle Registration

4Electronic Health Records/ Electronic Medical Records

4Portal / Website / Call Center

3Child Support Enforcement

3Voter Registration

2ICD-10 Assessments

2Retirement Systems

State Contract Vehicles and Master Service Agreements

SLI’s Center for Systems Integrity Portfolio of active State Contract Vehicles and MSAs enables State Agencies to rapidly procure high quality IV&V, QA and Testing services for their IT implementations. These contract vehicles and MSAs demonstrate that SLI has repeatedly been judged as a Tier One provider of independent assessment services by State IT evaluation teams across the nation.





Governor's Office of Information Technology



Indiana Office of Technology

Information Technology Consulting Services


Department of Administrative Services

Quality Assurance


Commonwealth Office of Technology



Department of Information Technology

Independent Assessment
Quality Assurance
Technical Audits
IT and Telecommunications Financial and Auditing Consulting Services
IT Management Consulting Services


Operational Services Division

Information Technology Professional Services


Department of Information Technology Services

Information Systems Consulting Services


Department of Administration, Division of Information

Quality Assurance Services

North Dakota

Information Technology Department (NDITD)

Project Management
Quality Assurance Testing

North Dakota

Office of Management and Budget

Test Management


Department of Administrative Services, Office of Technology Services

Quality Assurance


Department of Administrative Services

Quality Assurance


Office of Administration, Information Technology


South Carolina

Department of Social Services

Technical Assistance

South Dakota

Department of Social Services

Program Management


Department of General Services



Virginia Information Technology Agency



Department of Enterprise Services

Quality Assurance
Management Consulting
Organizational Development
Business Analysis

Center for Systems Integrity Clients and Projects

SLI’s Center for Systems Integrity active portfolio of State Clients and their IT projects spans the entire spectrum of State Agencies. We are currently providing IV&V, QA and Testing services for mission critical IT implementations for Health and Human Services, Workers' Compensation, Labor and Industry, and Transportation.

Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System

Electronic Visit Verification IV&V and Certification Review



Colorado Department of Labor and Employment

Unemployment Insurance Mainframe Migration and Modernization Project IV&V

Maryland Medicaid System Upgrade

Oversight with IV&V Services

Nevada Department of Health and Human Services

Child Support Enforcement Automated System IV&V Services for Nevada

North Dakota

Test Management Services

North Dakota Department of Human Services

Medicaid Management Information System Project Management Support


QMS For Microsoft 365® Implementation Project


Cyber Security Assessment

Oregon Department of State Lands

Land Administration System IV&V

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Governor's Office of Administration

Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS) MMIS 2020 IV&V Services

Pennsylvania Department of General Services


Puerto Rico Department of Health

Operational Implementation of PR MMIS and E&E

South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

Medicaid Management Information System and Member Eligibility System IV&V Services

Wyoming Department of Health

Medicaid Management Information System IV&V

Services We Offer

We help ensure the system is Built Right . . .

  • Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V), including business and technical assessments
  • Quality management, including quality planning, quality assurance, quality control, and testing
  • Project management and applying industry best practices and standards (PMI/PMBOK, IEEE, ISO 9001:2015, etc.) through every phase of the software-development lifecycle
  • Software testing, including functional, regression, system, integration, and compatibility software testing (load, stress, automation, and performance testing)
  • Test management for large systems-development projects, including oversight and direction for vendor-led testing for eligibility, enrollment, and payment systems, and development and execution of state-led testing
  • Staff augmentation for projects that require specialized subject matter, project management, procurement/APD, and test management expertise on Waterfall and Agile system development projects
  • Security assessments, including Minimum Acceptable Risk Standards for Exchanges (MARS-E), vulnerability assessments, and application security

We’re Here to Help…

. . . and that the Right System is built!

We provide independent consulting and oversight services to help manage IT risk and quality for state and local agencies focused on:

…and more * In addition to the IT consulting services provided by SLI’s Center for Systems Integrity, we also provide program improvement, policy development, and training for child support and child welfare agencies through SLI’s Center for the Support of Families (CSF).

See How We Can Help…

Here are just two of the tools and processes we’ve developed to help our customers

SCORe: An easier way to manage feedback

See a demonstration of our SLI Comment Origination and Reporting (SCORe) extraction tool for aggregating and consolidating comments and feedback across multiple Microsoft® Office documents. Watch the SCORe video now…

SIGNaL: Simplifying interview guides and product/process checklists

See how SLI Interview Guide Notes and Library (SIGNaL), helps our teams generate vetted, industry-standard interview questions that simplify the interview process across a variety of roles associated with a software development effort.  It also generates customizable, standards-based checklists for assessing process and product quality. Watch the SIGNaL video now…

Our Certification

SLI’s SQM3 methodology is independently certified to the strict quality-management standards of ISO 9001:2015. This means that we apply formal business processes to support our customers with best-in-class oversight and advisory services of IT projects, quality assurance, risk management and software testing. View our certification: SLI ISO 9001-2015 Cert through 9-24-2022

Statements of Independence

In its independent verification and validation (IV&V) project oversight capacity, SLI Government Solutions shall remain technically, managerially and financially independent from the software development and implementation effort being undertaken. The management and staff of SLI Government Solutions shall maintain an independent decisional relationship between the company and its clients, affiliates, or other organizations so that SLI Government Solutions’ capacity to perform IV&V services objectively and without bias is not adversely affected. SLI Government Solutions shall maintain independence in fact and in appearance from clients whose projects are or are scheduled to be under IV&V by SLI.  Control of the IV&V budget shall be vested in an organization independent of the development organization.  The IV&V environment, whether on-site at SLI Government Solutions or at a client’s site, shall be organized so that staff members are not subjected to undue pressure or inducement that might influence their judgment or the results of their work.

  • SLI has been a tremendous help as the IV&V vendor in review and evaluation of project process, documents, and reports. They have provided an independent review of project issues and risks as well as recommendations to reduce these issues and risks. They have provided necessary staff and assistance to help the State with project activities. Their leadership role has been a great advantage and help to the State.

    Karalee Adam, Program Manager, North Dakota Medicaid Systems Project

  • SLI’s staff members were highly qualified and professional. They proved to be a valued asset to the project. I greatly appreciated their independent perspective on the health of the project and found their assessments to be factually based and their recommendations to be well defined and actionable. SLI clearly communicated these findings and recommendations to the team and our executive steering committee. SLI's contributions were particularly helpful in working with and gaining CMS approval of our efforts including successful completion for all phases of Federal Hub testing.

    Shannon Crane, Project Manager, Alabama Medicaid Agency

  • SLI Government Solutions provided project management and quality assurance support to the Iowa Eligibility Integrated Application Solution Project. Over the course of the project, SLI proved to be a valuable partner and consistently provided knowledgeable staff who help us deliver a high-quality product to our agency and the people we serve.

    Brenda Hall, Contract Manager, State of Iowa

  • The SLI QA team has been doing an excellent job evaluating, identifying, documenting, and recommending adjustments to their activities, resources, and deliverables. Their services have significantly enhanced our confidence that the delivered solutions will meet the required quality standards. We have found SLI’s people and process to be a valuable addition to our project.

    Sarah Sanks, Deputy Project Director, DCFS Transformation Project, Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services

  • Washington's ESD was very satisfied with the worked performed by SLI. Their deliverables were submitted on time and were of a high quality. The concerns, risks, and issues raised by SLI were accurate and focused on the appropriate technical aspects of our project. SLI was also effective in developing a strong working relationship with ESD and the other vendor partners, which provided to be extremely beneficial in managing the project in a professional and collegial manner. Of particular importance was the quality of SLI’s recommendations to mitigate project risks and issues. We found their recommendations to be practical and actionable, with the goal of improving quality. Their technical assessments were presented clearly and concisely so that our project and executive leadership were able make informed decisions. I can recommend SLI as an IV&V vendor without reservation.

    Michael McVicker, Assistant Commissioner - Information Technology Services, Washington State Employment Security Department

  • SLI was a valuable partner in assisting the agency in deploying a high-quality system that was comprehensively tested. Their team’s combination of testing expertise and MMIS knowledge gave me and our user community confidence that the system would help us deliver more timely and accurate results to our recipients and providers. SLI’s efforts were a significant factor in the agency receiving CMS certification of the MMIS on the first attempt, ahead of schedule.

    Joe Cooper, Chief Information Officer, North Carolina DHHS

  • I can recommend SLI for Project Management Services without reservation. Their services have significantly enhanced our confidence that the delivered solution will meet the required standards. They have created PM plans, processes, products and implemented a PMO methodology and organizational structure that have improved project performance and outcomes.

    Carlos Ortiz, President, Intervoice of Puerto Rico

  • I am writing to thank you and all the SLI employees for the assistance and service provided to the ELIAS project over the last five and half years. SLI has demonstrated a high-level of accountability to the project. Your employees contributed to the success of the ELIAS project. The SLI team worked well with DHS and the other vendors on this project. The team put their best work forward from the initial stages of the project’s development to where we are at today so that we could get our work completed on time.

    Wendy Rickman, Division Administrator, Iowa ACFS

  • The Agency appreciated the flexibility and willingness of SLI and OCSE to try a different approach so we could maximize the value of SLI’s review and feedback.

    Karen Coleman, Oregon Project Director

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